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Pavement Management System (PMS)
CTL recently formed a new division dedicated to a service area we are calling Pavement Management Systems (PMS). Property managers and Homeowner's Associations tasked with establishing maintenance budgets and implementing maintenance programs will greatly benefit from the services we provide.
What is a Pavement Management System?
Simply put a Pavement Management System (PMS) is a systematic approach to pavement maintenance and rehabilitation which seeks to extend the life cycle of pavement infrastructure. The typical approach to pavement management is to simply overlay roads on a schedule of every 10-15 years depending upon the visual conditions. With a PMS other less costly rehabilitation options are available which extends the pavement life cycle and defers costly overlays so that reserve funding can potentially be reduced or used for other community amenities such as roofs, pools, and landscaping.
Cracked Pavement Section
Newly Paved Road
CTL utilizes a systematic approach to determine the pavement condition of each roadway segment within a subdivision, develop a list of projects for implementation, and prioritize those projects to meet the reserve funding levels on an annual basis dedicated to roadway rehabilitation. A general breakdown of this methodology is as follows:
1. Roadway Segmentation
2. Condition Assessment
3. Pavement Coring
4. Compilation of Data
5. Engineering Evaluation
6. Project Identification and Ranking
7. Cost Estimating
8. Project Prioritization
9. Report and Presentation of Findings
CTL can also help you transition from the planning stage to the implementation stage by providing plans and specifications, contract administration and field inspection services. We truly are a "one stop shop" for these services.