CTL has completed numerous subsurface soil explorations and geotechnical engineering projects for clients including architects, civil engineers, and private interests as well as for cities, counties, water management districts and other governmental bodies.

Project scopes have ranged in size from a few borings for single-story residential structures to extensive explorations for large complexes and multi-story structures. CTL has performed explorations for numerous foundations including explorations for the construction of water plants, sewage treatment plants, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, shopping centers, recreational areas, underground utility improvements, hydrogeological studies, roadway and bridge projects.

Our Geotechnical Services include Subsurface Soil Exploration and Engineering Evaluations for:

Central Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Consultants in Geotechnical and Materials Testing
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Site Preparation
Foundation Support
Pavement Section Design
Sinkhole Studies
Piling Analysis
Hydrologic Studies
Evaluation and Analysis of Soil and Rock
Settlement Investigations
Muck Probes
Compaction Grouting
Lime Stabilization

Our drillers operate Central Mine Equipment (CME) 45B and CME 55 drilling rigs mounted on a F700 four-wheel drive chassis. The rigs are ideal for a wide variety of drilling applications ranging from auger soil profiling to Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings of up to 150 feet deep. The four-wheel drive allows access to undeveloped property.

Our engineering staff is experienced and specially trained in the field of geotechnical engineering. Reports generated by our engineers are prepared to provide specific information based on sound judgment, experience and expertise. The reports are designed to present our evaluations and analysis in a clear and concise manner to address the specific purpose of the report.